Confusion – Memory Loss

What is Confusion/Memory Loss?

Confusion happens to all of us at some time or another and can leave us momentarily unsettled. For the elderly population, though, confusion or the lack of ability to think clearly can cause a high level of anxiety. Typically, elderly hospital patients will experience short-lived feelings of confusion; however, cause for concern occurs when elderly individuals experience prolonged instances of confusion or memory loss. The instances can be marked by strange or unusual behavior.

In most situations individuals will recover quickly from confusion or memory loss; however, if an elderly person does not recover memory in a normal amount of time, then ask the individual to state his or her name, age or the current date. Then, remind the individual of who you are and your relationship to him or her. Point to a calendar or clock that is nearby to help reorient the individual or comment on a current event to encourage discussion. Keep the environment calm and neutral so that the individual does not panic.



What are the symptoms of Confusion/Memory Loss?

Should your elderly loved one exhibit strange or unusual behavior or act aggressively, then call the doctor right away. If confusion or memory loss occurs suddenly in conjunction with other symptoms such as dizziness, fever, headache, or change in breathing, then do not hesitate to call 911.  According to the National Institute of Health, many tests can be administered to determine the root cause of confusion or memory loss. Treatment, and potentially, the solution to the problem can occur very quickly without added stress.

How does Haven Behavioral Hospital of Dayton treat Confusion/Memory Loss?

At Haven Behavioral Hospital of Dayton, we offer a variety of treatments to aid our patients who suffer from confusion or memory loss. Our staff is highly trained and considers each patient with personalized treatment plans. Confusion or memory loss can cause stress for the entire family, but with proper treatment, these issues can be overcome so that your loved one can continue a healthy, independent way of life.

Confusion - Memory Loss
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Confusion - Memory Loss
Confusion and memory loss happens to all of us at some time or another and can leave us momentarily unsettled.