At Haven Behavioral Hospital of Dayton, we want you to know that your loved ones are well cared for, as we are committed to the highest quality of service. Take a look below at what people are saying about our service.


What Patients/Families are saying about the Haven Experience

“James did a good job of informing me-minus my cell phone!”

“Everyone was extremely pleasant and helpful on the phone.”

“Dr. Patel was a great help when I spoke to her on the phone.”

“I didn’t visit, but appreciated Michele’s communication.”

“They have all been very good to me.”

“They were all wonderful.  The activity girls told me how good I did!”

“They made me feel so relaxed and good.”

Comments from June 2016


 “BHT Andrea was wonderful.  Love her!”

“I enjoyed the activities I participated in.”

“My sister was pleased with how she was treated and how she was taken care of.”

“Jasmine, you were excellent. You called me back and you listened when I talked.  You helped me through the process.”

“Everyone was very polite and professional. I appreciate all you do.  You have a very difficult job.”

“Teresa and Michele were on it.”

“They were always pleasant when we visited.”

Comments from May 2016


“Superb – very professional”

Patient – 2015


A father/guardian wanted to express his gratitude for what we did here in our facility for his son. He said that all of the nurses that he met during his stay here truly cared about him and what we do here really made a difference with his son. “You sure do a great job there.”

Patient’s Father – 2015


She could not have been more complimentary, and stated family and the home health staff cannot believe how pleasant her mother has been since she left Haven. She  just wanted to thank us for “ giving her family back their mother.”

Patient’s Daughter – 2015


“Thank you so much for all you have done for my Mom.  From the professionalism to the understanding and kindness.  I think you are a special group of people to do what you do.  Thank you for sharing a few extra minutes when you really didn’t haven any.  Thank you for the every now and then hugs.  They went a long way.  Just wanted to let you know that you all are very much appreciated!!!”

Patient’s Daughter – 2015

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We want you to know that your loved ones are cared for, as we are committed to the highest quality of service. Take a look below at our testimonials.